Why we’re the best.

I remember when I went to MMI (Motorcycle Mechanics Institute). The very first class, we had to write down our goals. My goal was to own my own shop someday. Everyone laughed even my instructors. The thing that those people didn”t understand is that

I always reach my goals no matter what they are. Everything I”ve ever done in my life, I have become the best at and

continue to be the best at what I do. Now, I have a cool bad ass shop.

So what”s the next step? The next step is to dominate the market in michigan.I want everyone to think about us when they think cool custom bikes. We already have the respect of many of the top people in the motorcycle industry. Including the great honor of being chosen by Lucas oil to be one of their prestigious “pit stops”. Big things will be happening for Kalamazoo Choppers and we hope you will be a part of our success. So anyway, if you think you are “the best” you”re full of shit. We just

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work in that direction with realistic expectations.

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